Mighty Mens Club Brunch Of Honor!

It's our biggest and best event of the year – our Fourth Annual Mighty Men's Club Brunch of Honor. Past Honorees have included Irving Ladimer, Ivan Benalcazar and Yael Levy.

And this year our Person Of The Year is none other than the wonderful leader of our Junior Junior Congregation, the amazing: Barbara Rothman.  It's on Sunday August 14th at 10:30am in the CSAIR Social Hall.

For more than fifteen years Barbara has taught our children, five years old and under, in the Shabbat Shelanu, Young Children's Family Program. She has provided that first taste of synagogue life to the youngsters of CSAIR - introducing them to Torah – the Tree of Life – and the Jewish Experience. Thanks to Barbara – our shul has been a warm and welcoming place for young children and the young families that come with them.

So for all of us who have sung and marched with Barbara and our kids in the Torah Parade – it is time to say thanks and show our gratitude The brunch will include a brief program featuring Rabbi Katz, comedy, music, tasty food with delicious desserts, lemonade, our “knights of the round bagel” ceremony and a few surprises – all in our air conditioned social hall. The program is scheduled to run 10:30am to noon.

And our Youth Award this year goes to a very deserving Elias Elgarten and Megan Goldberg.