Rock 'N Roll! Men's Club 7th annual event!

That's right!  Our 7th Annual Live Musical Celebration and Concert on Saturday Night, January 11th at 7:30pm.  And there are some Big Changes this year:

1 - The party will be right here at the CSAIR Synagogue - right in the Social Hall.  So you can just come to Shul to join the party.  (if you need a lift contact us at

2 - Free Special beer!  You won't want to miss this.    With you paid admission you are entitled to a bottle of Eric Saidel and Josh Needleman's Special Hand Crafted Human Cannonball Ale.  There are Light and Dark Ales available - (as well as some regular store brand beer if you prefer that). 

3 - This year Rabbi Katz and Deborah Gross will have special guest singing performances.

4 - The main attaraction is of course The Traveling Jewburys.  There will be two full sets of live entertainment: Rock and Folk roots music, rockabilly, jams, and more!  The Traveling Jewburys band, frequent performers at Riverfest and Prospect Bar in Manhatten , features a lineup of seven CSAIR members: Arthur Levy - Kerry Elgarten - Bill Yaggy - Craig Robins - Ron Minkoff - David Whyne - and (Men's Club Co-President) Dave LaDue.

5 - For the band's finale - all local amateur musicians and singers will be invited on stage to join the bend for one all-inclusive musical number. 

6 - In addition there will be free kosher snacks.  And we will be offering for sale Kosher Food at the event. But buying food is optional - this is a party – not a dinner – no boring speeches – lots of music and fun.

7 - It's just $15 at the door - or $25 per couple. 

Remember - It's good fun for a good cause – to benefit CSAIR and the Mens Club.